Learning Resources

Here are some great links to help understand your data

Campaign URL Builder from Google. This will allow you to add UTM parameters to your URL. This assures better attribution in your Analytics tool of choice.

Google Trends. Check the keyword search volumes over time and geography to make sure that there is enough interest in them to build paid campaigns.

Learn Regular Expressions. When building segments and filters in Google Analytics or just plain coding in Python or R, you will need to use regexes. This is a good learning resource for them.

Testing Regular Expressions. When you have a huge list of URL’s and you need to find out if a particular Regex fits them all, this is a good resource to use as a check.

Google Tag Manager Resources. AnalyticsMania provides a very large resource base for building up your knowledge of GTM. I used the courses available to build up my Analytics practice.

Want to learn R? Well, this is a great resource for all levels of learning. This open-source statistical package is now a full-blown platform where you can do pretty much anything.