Google Analytics Warnings and how to deal with them

When you log in to a Universal Analytics account, you see this warning

Also, when you are in the GA4 account, the header says things like this

You may also be prompted to link the GA4 account to a Universal Account.

Here is what you need to do to make these messages go away.

Say, No thanks to the first warning. That’s just a countdown and you will have to live with it for a few days.

For the third, you have two valid options. You can definitely link to the Universal Analytics account but you can also choose to say “No”.

It’s the second warning that you need to do just a bit of work.

Go to Setup Assistant in the GA4 property and mark all the tasks there as complete as shown below

One more thing….

Go to Google Ads and mark the GA4 conversions as primary. Do it quickly so that Google Ads can learn from this GA4 data instead of Universal Analytics data.

Now, you are done! Dance a merry jig and wait for the world to come crashing down our ears on July 1st, 2023.

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