Make sense of your digital marketing

We are experts in marketing analytics and provide an entire range of services including:

Google Analytics implementation with Google Tag Manager
  1. Specialize in websites using WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce.
  2. Create specific funnels and goals using custom events.
  3. Provide a trouble-free transaction tracking setup with minimal technical help.
  4. Once the data starts to come in, we create reports and dashboards for you.
  5. The most important thing: we provide you with insights to grow your business based on your own data.
Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) implementation with Google Tag Manager
  1. Migrate to GA4 from GA3 and create events and goals for the website.
  2. We can help you set up BigQuery and base your analysis on click-stream data.
  3. Link Google Ads and Google Analytics to provide comprehensive reporting.
  4. We can set up automated and operational reporting to help you stay on top of all campaigns in Google Ads.
Analytics Audits of your website
  1. Audit the setup of Google Tag Manager for all Marketing Channels
  2. Conduct a comprehensive audit of the data collection in Google Analytics and GA4.
  3. Recommend and apply changes necessary for increased revenue and profitability.

Advanced Analytics

  1. Merge offline and online datasets in visualization tools like Google Data Studio, and Tableau to give you a comprehensive view of the business.
  2. Conducting Time Series Analysis and forecasting based on current trends.
  3. Analyze your data based on Random Forest and Market Basket Analysis.

If you are looking for help and advice on how to set up analytics for your business, we can recommend the right tools and people(we have a vast network of marketers and agencies). The philosophy of the business is to help Marketers navigate the technology needed to help understand the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Please set up some time here so we can be of help.